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Give your growing talent some polish by attending classes & plant-centric events at the Depot.

All around the seasons, Karen teaches classes herself or provides a class with special growers who both will add to your knowledge & enhance your skillset.

Check back for added events & classes – the most upcoming will be here at the top, and past events (so you can get an idea of our offerings) are listed in the accordion tabs below.

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Past Classes & Events ::

Beginning Hypertufa

10:30-12:30, Saturday, July 8th at Madras Garden Depot. Cost: $45

Heads up all succulent & alpine gardening fans! Come join us at the Depot for our annual Hypertufa container class. Each participant will make 2 Hypertufa rock-like projects to take home and plant up! (They make really nice gifts, also.)

Hypertufa is a recipe of cement & other inorganic & organic additives, and the final product greatly mimics quarried stone. Rectangular stone troughs have long been used for planing small, hardy alpine plants, but more xeric (water thrifty) rock garden plants such as sedums & sempervirens can also be used. Each hypertufa is unique & beautiful!

We’ll mis our recipes by hand and we have a huge inventory of forms to use, incorporating different tints & stains.Wear grubby gardening clothes and bring sturdy rubber gloves. Be ready to get dirty & have fun!

*Cost: $45 includes all supplies and a light lunch & refreshments. This is a very popular class, so please prepay by stopping by or call us at 541.475.2068. Attendance is limited to 10 participants.

Crevice Gardening

10:30-12:30, Saturday, June 10th at Madras Garden Depot. Cost: $30

Mark Akimoff will teach crevice gardening, which considers root structure and soil preparation in planting succulents and other strong-rooting plants into garden crevices, rock gardens, and other stony surfaces.

Mark is the owner of Illahe Rare Plants a, specialty nursery of flower bulbs and geophytes from around the world. Over his 25-year career as a professional horticulturalist, Mark has worked in many sectors of the industry.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Horticultural Science from Oregon State University and studied biotechnology at Montana State University.

At the nursery in Salem, Oregon Mark trials many different dryland and xeric plants to better help gardeners adapt to  changing climate conditions we are seeing especially in the drought-stricken Western US.

Mark’s time at Madras Garden Depot will be 10:30-12:30, Saturday, June 10th at Madras Garden Depot. Cost: $30

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